Sofa Cleaning Service

  • Sofas are not only vulnerable to surface stains, dust, and dirt, but dirt can also get deep into the fibers. Even if you can’t see the dirt, it’s there. So in the name of cleanliness and hygiene, cleaning upholstery on a regular basis is very important.
  • We can protect odors and furniture after every cleaning, just like we do with our carpet cleaning services. This improves the resistance to dry and water-based stains and daily wear. We can also use a deodorant that neutralizes odors by eliminating them to the source. There is a fresh, clean scent after every furniture cleaning and your furniture will still look great year after year.
  • Even leather furniture needs regular cleaning. It absorbs the same dirt and pollutants as upholstered furniture. But unlike upholstered furniture, leather is confronted with the extra challenge of the lost moisture and softness over time. Leather cleaners and conditioners sold in the store offer immediate emergency assistance, but they can also cause damage in the long term. Good maintenance requires an experienced professional.
  • Don’t settle for a dirty chair or couch and don’t buy a new one. Inject new life into your favorite chair or couch through our professional deep clean service.