Chair Cleaning Service

  • The office where you work is cleaned regularly. Particular attention will be paid to all visible pollution. What you do not realize is that the (desk) chair that you sit on every day becomes dirtier and dirtier. Do you belong to the 60% of employees who sometimes eat at his / her desk …?


  • As a result of daily use, your (office) chair is full of dust, skin fat, food / coffee / tea residues. This pollution is the perfect source for bacteria. A dirty layer nestles on your desk chair, not to mention unpleasant odors caused by these bacteria. You can limit this by having the office chairs professionally cleaned on a regular basis and this also gives you a better indoor climate. Various studies have shown that the productivity of your employees increases if the indoor climate improves. In addition, it is important to keep seats in flexible workplaces clean due to the intensive use by different employees. With a clean working environment there will be less absenteeism.



  • Shine Housekeeping Services has a professional cleaning method for this! Both the seat and back surfaces are sprayed with a powerful textile degreaser. Any heavy stains receive extra attention, after which the (office) chair is deeply cleaned with a high-pressure tool.